Other Services

Let us show you the difference

Other Services 

There are many services we provide which most other pharmacies don't. Below are a few of them.


Our pharmacists are Immunization Certified, so the pharmacy offers a variety of vaccine options. We offer mobile flu clinics each year that cater to various businesses in the area. Pharmacists are available to administer shingles vaccines throughout the year and flu shots from September to January with no appointment necessary.

For large businesses or church groups, schedule ahead of time and we will come to you.

Delivery Service

Our delivery service is not just limited to prescriptions. We'll take your order over the phone and bring it all over to you. Find a large chain who will assemble your order and bring it over.

Why do we do all this? We are and always have been in the business of helping people. Is it more difficult? Less profitable? More time consuming? Of course. That's why the chains can't make the extra effort, but we're kind of old-school that way. We believe that the way to a good business is to make sure each of our customers gets the service and care that they need.


Orthodic Shoes and Footwear


We carry a full line of foot care products, including a large selection of shoes and products for people with foot problems or diabetes.  Medicare allows a pair of shoes and 3 sets of insoles every calendar year, so when you need new shoes, stop in and take a look.


For those patients who need a more controlled way of dispensing their medication, we offer medipacks as a free service for those who need it. Over and under-medicating is the 3rd most common cause of preventable death, and as such, we can package your medication in the correct dosage and amount for each part of your day. This takes the guesswork out of your prescriptions and provides the confidence that you or your loved one is getting what they need when they need it.